Advanced 3D

The National Stereoscopic 3D Training Programme BAFTA 25th Jan Twickenham Studios 26th and 27th Jan


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A 3 day series of very intensive workshops and
hands on seminars for industry professionals
- by industry professionals.

Phil Streather, CEO of Principal Large Format (PLF), along with special guests and 3D experts, will lead a three-day training course on 3D, for cinema and television next January in London. Titled ‘Advanced 3D – The National Stereoscopic 3D Training Programme’, the course is being presented by PLF in association with Talking Point and funded by the Skillset Film Skills Fund as part of A Bigger Future 2 and by Sky.
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“Phil Streather knows as much about 3D as anyone else I’ve met in the UK, but what’s more important, he knows how to explain it! This course sounds great.”
Sam McCurdy BSC, Director of Photography
Street Dance 3D, Horrid Henry

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13th January 2011 - On Sight to provide a pair of Alexas for Advanced 3D Training Programme.

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